quinta-feira, agosto 30, 2012

"How to Create the Life of Your Dreams with a Miracle Mindset"

Para me lembrar de praticar...


   Suspend your disbelief about what is possible
in your love life, much like you would when you
are engrossed in a great movie or book.

   In the same way as you engage in the story
there, engage with your visualizations of the
desired outcomes in any dating or relationships
situation and play in a new playground of
possibility.  Like we do naturally when we're
children, play fully in the imaginings of all that
you desire.

   And get excited - you're creating your dream


   It's funny, but as human BEINGS we spend an
awful lot of time DOING. We're forever busy with
one thing or another.  In our flurry, we can wind
up disconnected from the inner stillness, silence
and higher knowing within all of us ... the place
where real magic resides.

   Cultivate the practice of 'being' into each
day: just breathe and feel. Don't set too many
parameters around the "how." Just do it and work
it as it evolves for you. Notice what happens.
It's also a great time to do your imagining as you
come from a centered, strong place.

   I once read the expression that it was the
space between the notes that actually made the
music. Otherwise, a note without space would be
one long sound. Interesting.


   Consider embracing exactly what is, as it is,
right now. If you can foster an unconditional
acceptance of people, you open up the
possibilities beyond the limits of any
expectations and are free to enjoy the moment as
it shows up. Others may surprise you - YOU may
even surprise you!

   This doesn't mean we can't aspire to different
circumstances or ways of being, but it does give
us a clear and solid platform to build from as we
embrace the whole reality right now.

   What we resist persists, as the saying goes.
Try acceptance and watch things transform.


   How often do we stop to take stock of all
that's already great and working well in our
lives? Too frequently, we can find ourselves in
that place of stocktaking all that we don't have
and haven't yet achieved.

   Yet we already know how much our focus directs
the results in our lives.  By focusing on what we
don't have with a yearning type of energy, we
simply go on to produce more of that very thing:
the wanting or the lack.

   By coming from a place of gratitude, we are
opening up to embrace even more and welcome
further all the good that's already there.

   After all, you deserve it!


   If you are going to doubt something, (as we so
often do, as humans), doubt your fears and doubt
your limits.

   Choose to learn new distinctions through a
sense of knowing that all is traveling just
perfectly and all that you ever need will show up
in the right time, the right place and the right

   That sense of certainty will see you learning
in an empowering way while creating magical

   Remember, in the words of Wayne Dyer, "What you
can conceive of as a picture in your mind, you can
create in the physical world, provided you do not
let go of the picture."

 by Saskia Clements & Meny Lees