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Quem me vai conhecendo sabe o quanto vou alargando o meu poder pessoal de empatia para com o outro, associado a uma crescente espiritualidade. Isto faz-me ler, ouvir e participar em comunidades que me ajudam a aplicar esta forma de estar na vida.

Nos últimos dias tenho aproveitado os meus tempos de condução para pensar no Japão, nos japoneses e nos seres humanos de todas as nacionalidades que habitam este país. Comecei por enviar os meus pensamentos aos 50 engenheiros que tentavam arrefecer o reactor nuclear, mas achava que era redutor pensar só neles. Entretanto, o nº de engenheiros aumentou para cento e tanto e alarguei o meu pensamento de força e coragem a todo esse cento. Vi uma reportagem na tv e percebi que continuava com pensamento redutor, tantas famílias a perder entes queridos, os que estava a viver em escolas, com água e alimentos racionados, o relato de um sr que falava sobre como as pessoas vivem cansadas pelas condições em que estão, o casal que procura o irmão e cunhado e até a rua onde moravam é dificil de identificar e o cão-herói que permaneceu ao lado da sua companheira ferida até serem socorridos. E vi como os socorristas pegavam com carinho nas crianças e fazem o seu trabalho sem hesitar e sem medo de serem irradiados também.
Percebi então que as minhas preces estavam a ser escassas e não muito estruturadas.

Hoje recebi duas cartas que talvez ajudem. Dizem assim:

"I have just returned from a trip "home" to Ghana and am slowly re-entering my life here. The change of pace, culture, lifestyle and rhythm takes a moment to adjust to.  I am always reminded when I travel of the power of contrast and how experiencing the rhythm of another culture provides an invaluable perspective on your life and choices. 
Since I have been back, I have been watching news reports on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the aftermath with the nuclear reactor.  I have been struck by the continual emphasis on fear and disaster in the media. As you watch and listen to stories of the people in Japan, many of you may have asked yourself "how can I best help", like I have.  So I wrote to Jennifer Rodriquez, a member of our own community who is living and teaching in Japan to ask her how we could best support our Japanese brothers and sisters at this time.  Read Jennifer's account in Feature Article.

Blessings and Expect a Miracle,

Letter from Japan by Healthier Living Community Member, Jennifer Rodriquez
nullJennifer Rodriguez is an American living in Japan for 5 years. She is an ESL Instructor (English as a Second Language) in Japan and a member of our community. This is what she had to say: 
"Things are stressful here because of the constant threat of radiation exposure but surprisingly the Japanese are remaining calm and despite what the mass media abroad says, no one is leaving en masse and people are facing the issue with a philosophical calm that I believe can only be possible of a country with a Buddhist background.  There's no rioting, looting, nor anger being expressed at the government.  People here continue to have faith and hope that the workers at the plant will find a way to cool those reactors and avert nuclear disaster.  And even with this big threat looming in the background, the Japanese carry on with their daily lives.
Being in Japan at this time and our connecting has been a powerful
lesson for me about believing and manufacturing optimism for
yourself even when all evidence points to there being no hope and
all logic seems to say you should lose hope.  I'm still in Tokyo
despite pleas from my family and friends to get out, because I
believe that all will turn out well in the end and I'm very hopeful.  I continue to believe and I believe the Universe sends me small messages not to lose hope.  
There are food shortages but somehow the supermarkets are still finding some way to get us fresh fish, vegetables and meat every day.  How?  I don't know.  It's almost like they pull it out of thin air.  Just when you think the food is going to run out, the next day they scrouge up some more from somewhere.  It just goes to prove that the Universe is really an abundant place even in the face of disaster!
Adoley, do you know what could really help in this moment?  If you rounded up all the members of your community and formed a special prayer circle to send energy and inspiration to all the workers at the Fukushima Power Plant that they persevere and find a way to cool those reactors and avert disaster.  Visualize Japan ending this threat safely and without horrible consequences.  See Japan as a happy country with the threat gone. 
I honestly believe that if you and all the conscious people of this planet did that, then some solution would present itself to the workers or arrive in some shape or form. 
The more positive collective energy we could get for Japan, the more it would help improve the situation and counterbalance all the negativity and sensationalism of the General Media which has just been shamelessly promoting panic and desperation about Japan.
The more spiritual leaders with communities such as yourself that you could contact and have them visualize and pray for a safe end to this threat, the more possibility of a better outcome.  Then that would be wonderful and give the situation more positive power.
....This is not for me but for the country of Japan and consequently the world at large.  If workers at that plant do not receive any kind of special help, they will not be able to continue forward and find a solution. Many of them have exposed themselves to unsafe levels of radiation and there's no doubt that at some point, they will contract cancer and die.  Yet they even though they know this, they selflessly devote themselves to concentrating on the task at hand and have accepted the risk of sacrificing their lives because they know that all humanity is at risk if they do not persevere. 
....I actually feel more positive about this situation and even though, it seems grim now, I have honest hope and faith that all will turn out in the end and this situation will end safely.  In part that's why I choose to stay and not run away.  I have faith." ~ Jennifer

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